Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, Batman / TÜRKİYE


About Us

FERNAS was founded in 1982, leaving behind 36 years of projects. FERNAS Group of Companies invests in construction, energy, urban natural gas distribution, industry, mining, food and tourism in the Middle East, South Asia, Turkic Republics and Turkey. Following these investments, FERNAS has provided diverse job opportunities. Our Group, which continues its quality services nationally and internationally in every sector, strives to operate with maximum efficiency. Our aim is to further advance the company’s position among other leading companies.

Fernas Food Inc, a branch of Fernas Group of Companies, operates in Batman/Turkey since 2014. The company mainly operates on 7.000 decares of orchards, 27.000 m2 of factory area in Batman Industrial Zone producing and storing high quality food products. The production system consists of; Cold Storage Warehouses where mostly fruits and vegetables are stored, Fruit Sorting and Grading, Concentrated Fruit Juice facility, Fruit Juice Facility ,Fruit Orchards and Agricultural Production.

Mission and Vision

To create profitable and productive companies in national and international fields by using contemporary management techniques and technology, adhering to the morality and discipline, without any prejudice in the fields we are active in.

To contribute to the increase of happiness and to increase the happiness level of humanity with the products we produce, the services and investments we make and to be the leader organization in the fields we do business in.

Our Aim

Our aim is to build a high quality production chain from earth to consumers by giving utmost importance to health, safety and environmental awareness. We strive to achieve a system where the finished goods are produced organically and with good farming techniques which are sold both nationally and internationally.